Designing Quality Aged Care Chairs to Benefit Both Patients & Healthcare Workers

When designing acute chairs or aged care chairs, it’s essential to not only make something comfortable for the patient, but something practical for those caring for the patients. Providing care to the aged, infirm, injured, chronically sick – as well as patients who suffer from obesity –can take a toll on the bodies of healthcare providers. That is why Regency Health Care designs chairs with both the patient and the healthcare worker in mind.

How Quality Aged Care Chairs Benefit Patients

Quality acute chairs are made in such a way that they not only provide comfort, but safety as well. Regency Health Care chairs – such as the Comflex Manchester and the Comflex Windsor – are made with a wide base. Such a base prevents the chair from tipping over which can lead to patient injury. Another benefit of high quality chairs is that they make it easier for patients to get out of the chair. This, too, helps prevent injury and pain.

How Designers Create Acute Chairs That Help Healthcare Workers, Too

Safety is essential to the health and healing of the aged and infirm. A safe environment is also important for healthcare workers. Acute chairs, like the Regency Result Mobile Tilt Recliner, can save a caretaker’s back. One of the most common health complaints of those in the healthcare field is back strain. Having to lift patients who are barely able to help or who are obese can easily lead to a chronic back condition. Chairs that help lift the patients and put them into a standing position can help prevent on-the-job injuries.

The Importance of Choosing High-Quality Acute Chairs

Furniture, particularly acute chairs and aged care chairs, are an important feature of healthcare facilities. It is important that purchasers make sure that the chairs they’re buying will benefit both the patient and their healthcare providers. Doing so will ensure the continued health of the caretakers and the comfort of those in their care.

If you would like more information regarding one of our models or how our chairs can benefit your healthcare facility, we invite you to contact us today.

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