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REGENCY HEALTHCARE is a Market Leader assisting in the creation of EXCEPTIONAL Care Environments for the Aged, Acute and Specialist Care sectors.

Our Focus is on producing Healthcare Seating and Care Platforms providing assistance in specialist, procedural, therapy, long and short term, acute, aged and primary care.

REGENCY HEALTHCARE has three Key Ranges consisting of COMFLEXTM Comfort Chairs, Mobile Chairs and Lounges plus Adjustable Hospital Chairs and COMFLEXTM HILO Examination Couch, REGENCYTM Care Chairs and Healthcare Recliners and the well-known SERTAINTM HILO Care Seating.

Pressure Care is an integral part of our Seating options that often includes the use of our MULTICUSHTM and POLYSOFTTM Systems. Our Team can assist with creating a blend of aesthetics and functionality that suits your needs and regularly produces Customised solutions for our clients.

Our Chairs have been used worldwide in a range of sectors such as Day Procedure, Intensive Care, Renal care, Chemotherapy, Palliative Care, Rehabilitation, Oncology, Neurology, X-Ray, Pathology, Endoscopy, General Wards, Nuclear Medicine, Cardio Thoracic, Maternity Wards and Orthopaedic.

Our GOALS are …unparalleled and EXCELLENCE and with Range, Flexibility and Experience …we help HEALTHCARE happen!

We love to share our VALUES as we are held accountable to the foundations of Honesty, Integrity, Knowledge, Innovation and Responsibility towards all.

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