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3 Benefits of Acute and Aged Care Chairs

Investing in a high quality chair for the acute and aged is a worthwhile and valuable use of resources for both patients and caregivers. The benefits these chairs offer are many, including an increased measure of safety for caregivers, greater mobility for individuals, and the potential for better leg circulation. Care chairs are available in a variety of sizes and styles, including standard and narrow sizes. Many different environments benefit from care chairs, including hospitals, therapy centres, examination areas, and physician’s offices.

Increased Safety for Caregivers

Caregivers who serve individuals in home settings and in institutions can appreciate the mobility provided by acute and aged care chairs. Patients can be pushed with ease while the caregiver avoids having to push a bulky wheelchair or attempt to lift the individuals into a separate chair. With the advanced innovation the chairs provide, adult patients can lie down as well as sit up when the need requires, eliminating the transfer from a chair to a bed.

Greater Mobility

When someone lives in chronic pain or has difficulty with movement, the convenience of a mobile tilt recliner can offer a range of benefits. The unique design of this furniture allows for the user to lay back with ease without having to strain. Unique arm and headrests provide accommodation for exams and procedures, and a variety of styles and materials keeps patients comfortable while they enjoy the chair that is most appropriate for their specific need.

Better Circulation

A body that stays in the same position for an extended amount of time is at risk for poor circulation and blood clots, in addition to other issues. Innovative acute and aged care chairs are specially designed to allow for individuals to raise their legs and even lay back, which can decrease the risk of poor blood flow to the legs and feet. It also allows physicians to lay patients back for ease of exam.

For patients and caregivers alike, acute and aged care chairs can prove to be beneficial and convenient, as well as provide a measure of comfort for the user. Regency Healthcare is proud to be a leader in the area of care chairs and innovative seating options for those who need special accommodations in everyday life. From mobile tilt recliners and electric chairs to couch seating and mobile lounge models, there are many options available to serve a variety of needs. Medical centres and caregivers can make contact today with Regency Healthcare for more information.

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