Bariatric High Back Chair: Features and Importance to Patients and Hospitals

A quality bariatric high back chair can aid patients in recovery and relaxation. This also benefits the hospitals because patients know they are receiving the best care 24/7. This leads to further patient satisfaction.

How do you know if a bariatric chair is top quality? What specific features should you look for? Here, we’ll discuss the most important features and help you select the best one for your healthcare facility:

1. With adjustable height legs and seat depth

This is important. Patients have different body heights and built. Often, one chair won’t fit everyone. But if the chair has adjustable height legs and seat depth, patients can experience comfort.

The hospital staff can adjust the height legs and seat depth according to the comfort level of the patients. This way, they can still somehow relax even right after the surgery. This can aid in their recovery while receiving the best care.

2. Sturdy and easy transport

This is also important. A sturdy bariatric high back chair will last long and also ensures the safety of the patients. That’s why many high back chairs now have a steel frame (usually powder coated).

In addition, an easy transport feature will also help patients and the hospital staff. This is accomplished by adding rear wheels. This way, patients will be in close proximity with the chair and the staff will be able to move the chair to the patients’ location much quicker.

3. With optional standard meal/activity tray

These are considered accessories. However, a standard meal/activity tray may add a lot of convenience to the patient.

You are also certain that the standard meal/activity tray matches perfectly with the chair. There will be no adjustments necessary on behalf of the patients.

Bariatric high back chair

Top quality patient care is vital to the patients’ recovery and experience. One way to help accomplish that is by having a sturdy and adjustable bariatric chair.

If you are interested in improving patient care with excellent patient chairs, you can contact us today and we’ll provide you with more information.

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