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48 days down to 20 days (8 days less in ICU)

We frequently think about how expensive it is for the Health System to pay for a patient to stay in the hospital. But, do we consider the physical and emotional effects on the patient, their friends and family, as well as their medical team? Many patients in the intensive care unit lose muscle atrophy on a daily basis.

Fortunately, research is beginning to show that early rehabilitation of ICU patients is ultimately beneficial for them in the long run. Below are some healthcare seating options which rehabilitators use to get patients on the mend as quickly as possible.

Healthcare Recliner

A healthcare recliner enables increased mobility for the patient by allowing adjustability of their seating position. Ease of movement of a patient is crucial while in rehabilitation, and this recliner facilitates that for both the patient and clinician, minimising risk of injury.

Other Types of Healthcare Seating that help Reduce Hospital Length of Stay

Certain types of hospital chairs such as bariatric chairs make sitting upright an easier task for ICU patients, allowing them a level of comfort that assists with their recovery and reduces their stay in the hospital.

According to an article in Nursing Times, mobile patients leave hospitals sooner.

It is therefore a worthy conclusion that patients begin early rehabilitation where appropriate to reduce their length of hospital stay with many patients leaving stronger and more independent.

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