Healthcare Seating: Increase Mobility and Positioning with Stylish aesthetical Acute & Aged Care Chairs

Could you achieve Healthcare furniture that is both stylish and highly functional? We have learned that adjustable components in seating designs are vital to a patient’s rehabilitation and mobility. Our recliners and chairs are solid with the added touch of style, class and aesthetics providing both comfort and dignity. Keep reading to learn more:

Understanding Ergonomics

The idea of ergonomics applies to everyday life, and not only to office workers. Healthcare Seating designed with ergonomics and adjustability improves the relationship between people and their care environment. This is especially important during the rehabilitation process, when patient positioning is crucial to their clinical outcomes.

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Features of Aged Care Chairs

Unlike standard chairs and recliners, our core design principals have the Acute and Aged Care patients in mind. Mobility is increased when products are easier to get both in and out of, with special features that support rehabilitation. Common features include adjustable or removable headwings, armrests, and footplates, as well as heavy-duty casters for safety and ease of use. Many options come with gas-assisted and electric technology that can tilt and adjust backrest and largest sections for comfort.

Together, these features can help transform the rehabilitation process. The adjustable nature of our designs can help ease a patient into a comfortable sitting position. In addition, the ability to safely and easily adjust those positions encourages increased mobility, which can greatly help reduce muscle atrophy.

Our Designs Favour Both Aesthetics and Functionality

When it comes to global leading healthcare seating, Regency Healthcare is an industry leader. The level of support our products finds them in both hospitals and aged care facilities. The flexible aesthetics of each design will assist you to create an atmosphere & ambience of Global Leading Care. Contact us online or by calling 1800 044 012 for more information and a free consultation.

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